1. My name is Madi Kang. I am a Communication Design major, and I am a junior.

2. Web development is a skill I am really interested in learning not only because I want to expand my skillset as a designer, but also because I've always wanted to learn in general. I also think web development is an important skill to have, in both technical and design perspectives, because the world now essentially revolves around screens and technology.

3. As a Computer Science minor, I have learned JavaScript in some courses. In addition, I have taken a Sam Fox course called Sculpting Realities, where I worked with HTML and Aframe in making VR and AR.

4. I am looking forward to learning more HTML, as my knowledge of it is very basic. I also look forward to learning and exploring how people interact with information on screens and applying that knowledge to my own work.

5. I think designing for a screen will be different from designing for paper because of the difference between the ways people view a physical container of information and a digital container of information. In a paper or a book, a person holds all the information available in their hands and can easily navigate the content or even mark information. On a digital screen, a user navigates based on how content is divided and how easily accessible the information is to the user's eye.

6. I think Pinterest has an effective design because it is formatted to look as though images are pinned to a bulletin board. Browsing the site gives the user that sense of a real life board, except it's endless. Pinterest also does a good job of making the content the main component of the site by emphasizing organization, suggesting things the user might like, and encouraging browsing new images. The website emphasizes finding ideas and inspiration by making a real life scenario of "pinning" pictures into something spacially efficient and easy to navigate.

7. I think the Dropbox website exemplifies effective communication. The purpose of Dropbox is to store and organize files. Dropbox easily communicates the actions and organization options. It presents the options very plainly, conveying that storing files is simple and direct.

8. I think AirBNB is a website that works well. Its functions are presented with an eye-catching hierarchy-- with the search bar the most prominent. It also works well in encouraging and suggesting other options below the main search function. The page has a hierarchy that firstmost emphasizes searching for a place to stay, then goes on to show a variety of functions that encourage the user to continue to search for an airbnb.